PDF Church and nation: The discourse on authority in Ericus Olais Chronica regni Gothorum (c. 1471)

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He was not influenced by nominalist theological notions but can rather be characterized as a conservative and as a Thomist PILTZ After his death Ericus acquired a reputation of sainthood.

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Instances of pilgrimage to Ericus helge doktor Erik — presumably to his grave in Uppsala — are known. Notions of his sanctity also appear in manuscripts or early prints of his works.

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Ericus was a prolific author. His known works cover areas of historical writing, liturgical poetry, biblical hermeneutics and commentaries on Scripture and theological writings. His doctoral oration in Siena, Oracio de laudibus sanctissime theologie, is known to us only by name.

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At least five of his theological texts are however preserved through lecture notes taken by one of his students in Uppsala, Olaus Johannis Gutho ed. PILTZ The commentaries on the Sunday Gospels and on Revelation preserved by this student are possibly also of his hand. In his most original contribution in the field of theology, the Regulae sacrae theologiae ed. In this text he emphasizes ecclesiastical authority as the ultimate basis of the credibility of revelation.

church and nation the discourse on authority in ericus olais chronica regni gothorum c Manual

Ericus also wrote poetry. He composed a sacred song in Swedish, Een rikir man A wealthy man; ed. The Latin historia a versified officium in honour of the patron saints of Sweden, Festum patronorum regni Suecie Iocundare mater ecclesia; ed. It provides an account of the history of the Swedish realm from the birth of Christ up to the early s.

An allusion to the Battle of Brunkeberg in at the end of the narrative marks that year as a terminus post quem for the last section of the Chronica. The more precise dates of origin and completion of the work and the questions of its possible instigators and of the intended audience remain debatable. Instead he argued that the Chronica was completed in the years , that the initiative came from the new Archbishop Jakob Ulfsson, and that the purpose of writing was to instruct the clergy of the Cathedral of Uppsala. Ericus declares the organizing principle of his compendium of the history of the Swedish realm in the beginning of chapter 4, and then again in the beginning of chapter 6: "Cronicam regni Gothorum" vtcumque scripturus et, qui archipresules Vpsalensem metropolim rexerant cum regibus illic presidentibus, vel breui relatu dicturus exordium narrandi a Cristi […] natiuitate […] presumendum institui.

This intended programme, to depict the history of the realm from the birth of Christ and according to the succession of kings and bishops exercising authority from Uppsala, follows the ecclesiological considerations put forth by Ericus in the beginning of his prologue.

Church and nation: The discourse on authority in Ericus Olai’s Chronica regni Gothorum (c. 1471)

There, Ericus declares that God has instituted a twofold government, spiritual and temporal, and that he has chosen Uppsala as the locus for the exercise of authority of the royal and episcopal representatives pontificalis auctoritas et regalis potestas of this order in Sweden. This argument is not unique in medieval historical writing. This programme, however, has been unevenly realized throughout the text. Ericus adhered to contemporary Gothicist views on history, according to which Sweden was the home of the ancient Goths.

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He provides remarks to this effect in his prologue and when discussing the kings of the earliest, mythical, time of the realm. The parts of the Chronica that are devoted to the thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth centuries constitute an important source for Swedish historians. Ericus used earlier chronicles well known to us like the Historia Norwegie ca. However, he also had at his disposal at the Cathedral Archives and Library of Uppsala documents, letters and records which have since been lost.

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Some of this material was in Swedish and at some instances quotations, expressions or even whole letters that Ericus has inserted into his narrative still remain in the vernacular. Learn more about Scribd Membership Bestsellers. Read Free For 30 Days.

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