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One of our goals is to expand our Italian exchange student program which is already bursting at the seams. Another goal, soon to be realized, is to have the very first public school in Missouri teach Italian classes. This is very exciting and we are working hard and fast to make this a reality for the school year. Our biggest task for this year is to work towards opening up an Italian language school for all ages and all levels. I have been visiting with numerous Italian communities across the US to obtain ideas. After visiting twice with director Francesca Casazza and with their community, I was able to put together a concrete plan to move forward on this challenging goal for our community.

Björn Höcke: "Matteo Salvini per me è un esempio. Mi ispiro al suo populismo" | L'HuffPost

While St. Louis area to open up an international language school which will not only teach Italian but many other languages as well. We have a great space for it and now we are looking for the right talent.

"Cosa i francesi pensano degli italiani ?" Domande a Nizza -thepillow

It will be exciting when this project becomes a reality. Our vision is comprehensive. It is beautiful to see how fast we have grown thus far. It is a very important topic, that of the young Italians all over the US…. Young people are the future of our community. There are many young professional Italians coming to St. Louis to work at one of our Fortune companies or research at one of our world class universities.

Often they bring their families and many times, after living in St. Louis for some years, they chose to stay. Each month, I meet new young Italians who have chosen to work or study here. Some are exchange students and others are entrepreneurs. Often they need assistance with anything from finding an apartment to advice on where to do their grocery shopping. We are here to provide a community for them if they choose. Some come to our monthly events while others may join us once a year.

Social media has been very helpful in reaching out to the younger generation, especially instagram, as many young people are no longer using facebook as their preferred social media outlet. Our goal is to let young Italians know that we are here and that they are always invited to whatever we are doing on a particular weekend. Living in another country is not always easy for anyone and we are here as a support group. On any given weekend we might randomly go bar-hopping in the Central West End, watch a movie at The Tivoli, or organize an after-work aperitivo.

We also collaborate with the various Italian university programs in the area.

Cosa pensano davvero gli americani degli italiani? -

We have put together pizza parties with Simone and his students and we are always happy to encourage more college students to enroll in the SLU Italian program. This past year we had two important panel discussions which centered on young Italians in St Louis. The first discussion was held with five Italian students and researchers from various universities in our region and centered on the reasons why Italian students are choosing St.

Louis as a destination. The other event entitled, Imprenditori Italiani a St Louis , was held with Italian entrepreneurs, small business owners, and startups in our region.

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Boldrin, as you may know, is one of the world's leading economists and came to St. Louis in The panel discussion was very successful and attracted a lively debate among the participants.

Björn Höcke: "Matteo Salvini per me è un esempio. Mi ispiro al suo populismo"

Some expressed their frustration with trying to grow their small businesses in Italy while lauding the merits of the American system. Others did not have as positive of a view on their experience here. In all, the panel discussion was a testament to the accomplishments of an increasingly young Italian community. Among the activities of your association, you reformed the St. Louis — Bologna Sister Cities Organization. Back in , Franco Giannotti, along with several others, founded the St.

Louis Mayor Vincent C. The sister cities organization flourished for over a decade with reciprocal youth summer exchange programs, teacher exchanges, cultural tours, lectures, and scholarship fundraising for college students. By the year the organization became defunct for one reason or another.

In October , after a long period of inactivity, I decided to re-found the sister cities organization along with Franco Giannotti and several other members of our community. A board of directors was formed and, once again, relations between St. Louis and our sister city, Bologna, Italy, were reignited.

Today all sister cities organizations in St. Louis are required to be under the jurisdiction of the World Trade Center - St. Louis which is regulated by the City of St. Louis and the St. Louis County governments. We went through a formal re-approval process and were granted once again the status as an active sister city.

Since our funding comes directly from the World Trade Center - St Louis, we collaborate with them very closely. They have benefitted us tremendously and we have been able to make a lot of connections within the St. Louis international community through monthly networking events. Over children came to the St. Louis- Bologna Sister Cities booth at the Festival. I was amazed at the turn out. Our booth focused on arts and crafts and children were able to make necklaces and bracelets out of 15 different types of pasta. Painting materials were also provided as children made colorful crafts out of different shapes and sizes of pasta noodles.

Around people attended the concert and reception directly following the performance. This was the first time that the Italian community has organized a Christmas concert of this caliber in St Louis. Proceeds from ticket sales helped support Italian Medical Foundation Fanep Onlus in Bologna which assists children suffering from psychiatric disorders.

For me, this was a meaningful gift to the City of Bologna in the spirit of the holiday. People often ask me: Why Bologna? Bologna in fact has a special connection with St. Louis for several reasons. Bologna happens to be the center of agriculture research and food production in Italy just as St. Louis is the center for plant sciences and agricultural technology not only in North America but the entire world. Secondly, Bologna, and its region Emilia Romagna, are famous for the manufacturing of Italy's most famous luxury vehicles: Lamborghini, Maserati, and Ducati.

Interestingly enough, before Detroit, St. Louis was the car manufacturing capital of the US from the s until the s when the Moon Motor Car Company produced some of the most stylish American made cars. Lastly, Bologna has the world's oldest university founded in and St.

He also owns one of the first Italian American websites ever, with probably the most requested domain in the community: www. A culture dies when its language dies. Any linguist or anthropologist can testify to this fact. He was part of an Italian club in St. I completely agree with this sentiment.

A culture and its language are inseparable. There is no Italian culture without the Italian language just like there is no French culture without the French language. Any language is crucial to the identity of a culture because a culture flows from a language. As a result, Giannotti gathered like-minded people and founded his own club with the purpose of preserving and promoting the Italian language and culture in the St.

Louis region. Not surprisingly, his club has flourished ever since and it is the only exclusively Italian speaking association in the entire Midwest. I joined IPP four years ago and about two years later Franco extended me an invitation to become a board member. I have learned a lot from Franco over these last few years.

The Italian community that we subsequently founded was born from Italiano Per Piacere. We are proud of this club and our membership is increasing. Quite a few Americans, who are fluent in the Italian language or who wanted to practice their Italian, have joined in recent years. It is a great thing to see. In fact, I am one of those Americans who joined. Louis native, although my mother comes from Trieste, I grew up in an Italian speaking household, and subsequently went to live in Europe for several years, so I suppose I am an American with an asterisk.

In any case, I fell in love with the Italian language and culture and, as you can see, this is something I am deeply passionate about. Franco has always been forward thinking and, at a time where websites were a very new thing, he made the wise decision to purchase it.