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This eventually leads to a loss of creativity and generates boredom in the family. Because the chaotic person always wants to rule, but she is not capable of it.

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Of course, the capable one does not want to rule the family, he lets everyone grow naturally at their own pace. If you feel the chaotic person in your family is a hurdle for your own progress, then instead of making her realize her mistakes and the consequences, go ahead with your own plans of life. She will not realize her mistakes because in her own head she is not committing any mistake.

Earn enough money to separate and have your own house. No place for that chaotic person in that house. By default, humans are programmed to adapt to new things. But refusing to accept anything new does not mean that it will not happen. If nature has initiated something, it will happen.

USA Gymnastics Was Investigating Larry Nassar. Nobody Told Simone Biles.

Your refusal will not stop letting it happen. But, your refusal to accept, will forbid you to take advantage of the new inventions for your own work. There is a whole world out there. If you think that you are living in a perfect place on this planet, you have not travelled that much. Or maybe you are too much in your comfort zone to find a better place.

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The too active people usually sting the chord of being lazy for others. They are not lazy. Mark the ones who think of you only when they need you. Because they are not your friends. Staying away from them may give you some room to meet and know some real friends. One does need to take breaks from even his busiest routine to get a healthy nap. This will revive your inner strength and bring you back to business with double energy. If you have something to say, speak it with a tone that others will listen. Because the intended ones are just too busy with their own projects. If they find your voice intruding their peaceful environment they will shut their ears for your voice.

They may not physically ask you to shut up but in their own mind have marked you as a fool. Although most of the people try to be an authority in their field, however, no one is perfect.

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Understanding this is important because perfection is also a relative term. Just be yourself and enjoy this day. There are some basic needs for a human and those are in someway provided freely by the Almighty God. Exempli Gratia human body, brain, feelings. Nobody ever pays for the most important thing in life i.

Life is short. Learn quickly how to love and appreciate yourself, otherwise, there is a whole lot of circus out there, waiting to train you according to their will.

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There is no point in making haste. Everything happens at its own pace. So relax, and focus only on your own role. Ever thought why people shout? Still, they carve for victory in small arguments.

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To hide their empty brain, they shout, thinking people will focus on their pitch of voice instead of their logic. Adulthood, an age where you realize that you are getting more and more mature. Maturity at every level, be it physical, mental or emotional. But the world is trying to preach you to behave like a kid.

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Life is too short. This seems practically true only when life is about to end. Always be nice to everyone you meet. You may have no idea what the person is going through in his life? What problems is he facing? Your being nice may unburden him for some time. Do you have friends? Are they really your friends? Or they are with you just because of a reason. Real friends will be by your side without any reason. Do you accuse God of not being just with you? If so, then be thankful to God for whatever you have right now.

Focussing too much on routines will only leave you as a robot.

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And a robot is a robot. He has no objective in his life. He has no fun. He just executes whatever program is installed. You may have a good circle of friends.

But, no one is really interested to listen to your life stories again and again. Yes, everyone is too busy with their own lives too much. The distance is just to bring fresh air, not the same boredom. If you do carve to tell your story to someone, grab a blogging platform and tell the whole world about it.

Or as Alex did, be an illustrator. Your visitors will give you feedback for improvisations. And the brain is just one of the several organs of your body.

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It should not overpower your freedom in any way. But, at the same time, one should be able to get rid of the unwanted stuff. This does not apply only to the stuff we buy from the shops. In fact, this applies to the people we bring in our lives. We should know when it's time to show someone the exit door from our life. Learn to value the people who are with you.

You may never know, that the one with you is your life support. Look at the situation from the other side as well. What if he does the same? You have the sole responsibility to remain the owner of yourself. You can either act responsibly or as an irresponsible one. Being responsible, you will develop your own perspectives for various dimensions in life and explore what you want to explore not what others want you to.

Most of the people who meet you, have an agenda. They meet you for a reason. The reason is to take control of your thoughts. Even the experts in their fields do lack some kind of information. Time is the only thing that you possess. Give time, some time to unveil the necessary things at the right time.

Have patience and be selective.