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Wearing pajama pants in public has become okay in our society for a select few and I got to say…. I am not digging it. I mean, I have been known to drive my daughter to the school bus stop in bad weather still wearing them and I have even gone out to a drive-through fast food restaurant wearing them…but never did I get out of the car.

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Far be it from me to have an opinion and not back it up, so here are five really good reasons people should not wear pajama pants in public:. I am no fashionista but I certainly know what looks bad. Going out in public like this reflects badly on the fashion sense of our country and your dignity. Have some pride in your appearance and put on some britches and save the jammies for your home life.

If you are an exhibitionist, perhaps you should visit a nude beach somewhere. Lord forbid other things poke through. Can we just add pajama pants to the list of grocery store mistakes that people make? Respect is a good thing and wearing your jammies in public is like thumbing your nose at society. I am fully aware that some people love to buck the system and I get it.

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Still, they should never do this where kids and others are around to be affected. Show some respect for your fellow man and woman and put on some pants. Depending on where you are and what you are doing, pajama pants sends a horrible message about who you are and what you are about. Showing up to a job interview, for example, says that you couldn't care less. Going out in public with this type of clothing on says you are lazy. True or not, it simply looks bad. Have you ever slept in your clothes before? The reason for that is because you have been wearing them all day. The stick and cling more as the day goes on and are generally uncomfortable by the time you get home and put on something more comfortable.

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If you wear your pajamas all day long, what exactly are you going to change into? Pajamas are comfortable for a number of reasons but the fact you wear them when you are relaxing is one of the biggest reasons.

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Save that pleasure for when you are truly at home and resting. Clearly things are going to happen and people are going to continue to wear those pajamas in public. I know that my little old opinion only stretches so far. Still, if I can help just one person to keep their rear end covered for a bit longer…my work is worth it.

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See if you can leave the conversations about your kids at home. This is a big challenge when you're out with friends who are also parents. Set a few rules beforehand, so you're not spending all of your adult time discussing report cards and trying to top each other with gross-out stories.

Think of your conversations with adults as your structured playgroup for your mind. It's hard to keep your social skills sharp when you're talking to your children all day. As much as we love our kids, it's still important to talk to grown-ups too.

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You must be too lazy to work. You wear your pajamas all day while watching soap operas. You probably don't even brush your hair. At-home moms certainly know this is far from reality. Unfortunately, there's still a certain stigma attached to the stay-at-home job title. You will run across people who act completely unimpressed by your commitment to stay home and raise your children.

How will you react when asked, "What do you do for a living? You may take that long, awkward pause before you answer. Don't let someone else's jaded views affect your self-esteem. Be proud of your stay-at-home mom career. If you're nervous when someone asks what you do, show off those social skills you've been practicing without the kids around. Your answer will break the ice, and you'll be the witty SAHM everyone remembers. We joke that mommy's brain has dumbed us down. In reality, our head is swimming from a schedule packed with soccer practices, naps, and kiddie bathroom breaks.

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Gracelyn Chronicles: Pajamas for Pals evokes true meaning of Thanksgiving... and Christmas!

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