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Supernatural Detectives 4

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Le Guin. Terry Pratchett. Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Free delivery worldwide. Description Supernatural Detectives 4 focuses on two early female psychic detectives.


It includes the six Shiela Crerar stories, following her adventures with the otherworldly, whether ghost, werewolf, or other supernatural creature. It also includes the full-length novel, The Undying Monster , featuring the "Supersensitive" Luna Bartendale, where her intelligence, intuition, and courage are put to the test as she confronts a cruel and bestial creature that haunts the lineage of an old family.

Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions People who bought this also bought. Supernatural Detectives 3 E Heron. Add to basket. Supernatural Detectives 2 Alice Askew. Supernatural Detectives 5 William Le Queux. Black Moon Seabury Quinn. Giving Up the Ghosts Conrad Richter. A Rival from the Grave Seabury Quinn. Understandably, this throws a lot of Wesen for a loop when they meet him. It featured Leslie Nielsen of all people as a seemingly happy go lucky playboy who solved Occult-related mysteries in his spare time.

Kolchak: The Night Stalker and the later remake featured Carl Kolchak, who kept stumbling over supernatural doings. In the original series, he usually ended up working alone, and there were never any witnesses when he finally defeated the Monster of the Week. A variant is part of the setup for The Dead Files. Co-host Steve Di Schavi is a retired detective who conducts a real-world investigation of the circumstances behind a haunting, while psychic medium Amy Allen does a reading of the haunted location. The two then combine their work before the client s , with Steve's research often giving grounding to Amy's impressions.

One skit on Monty Python's Flying Circus has the police taking up magic to fight crime. They use magic wands to turn crooks into toads, vanish illegally parked cars, and teleport old ladies across the street, as well as attempting to use a rather rude Ouija Board to investigate crimes. Things go wrong when the press spots them sacrificing a criminal though. The Strange Calls is a humorous and fairly mundane example. The series focuses on a night-shift police officer in a small town. Though he has no special powers, every case involves some kind of supernatural element, from a ghost vandal to fried chicken that turns people into chickens.

Wormwood: A Serialized Mystery follows Doctor Xander Crowe, a former psychologist who was "forced down the dark pathways of the occult" by an unnamed tragedy, as he investigates hallucinations of a drowned woman that lead him to the Town with a Dark Secret Wormwood, where all manner of underworld hellishness proceeds to break loose. Lord Zimbabwe, the protagonist of Ectoplasm is a "walker in the ether", or occult investigator.

June Harper, the co-star of BellinghamTerror quickly shakes off her disbelief to become an occult detective. Tabletop Games. Although some campaigns feature PCs stumbling across the occult, others have them actively investigate it from the word go.

Delta Green offers an entire organization of them. The Call of Cthulhu card game also has The Agency, a faction made up of police and government investigators of strange happenings.

Occult detective fiction

They're the ones most likely to be trying to punch out Cthulhu. Sometimes, they succeed. In Munchkin Cthulhu , there is the investigator-class. Given the setting, they also investigate the Occult, more precisely the horrors of Lovecraft's works. Bureau 13 from Bureau Stalking the Night Fantastic , which also spawned a series of novels and a video game. Bureau 13 the 13th Bureau of the Justice Department was founded in by Abraham Lincoln to deal with supernatural and paranormal threats to the Union and suppress any public knowledge of them.

The original agents were a motley crew of military personnel, Pinkerton detectives , civilian consultants, freed slaves, paroled criminals, and even Confederate prisoners of war. The job of Bureau 13 is as it has always been: Investigate the strange or unusual, analyze the evidence to see if there is a supernatural or paranormal cause, and assess whether the cause is hostile or dangerous.

The other organizations are more interested in hunting and destroying the supernaturals than uncovering facts about them. The latter is a much more clear-cut example, as the description of the class even mentions using their powers to research things. He's also a subversion of Armor and Magic Don't Mix thanks to his suit of tailored plate mail.

In Shadowrun 4th and 5th editions, one of the "archetypes" example characters is the Occult Investigator. Video Games. The reformed big bad wolf , it's his job to protect "Fables" Fairy tale creatures whom fled to our world from each other. The events of the game have him trying to find the murderer of a local hooker and uncovering a sinister conspiracy in the process. Gabriel Knight, the titular character in the Gabriel Knight series of adventure games, who investigates murders related to things such as Voodoo, Werewolves, and Vampires.

It's only in pursuit of his own identity and murderer that he solves the multitude of mysteries around him. And all of them turn out to be related to his identity anyway. The protagonist of Murdered: Soul Suspect is a detective who dies within the first minutes of the game. He spends the rest as a ghost investigating his own murder, which, being set in Salem, Massachusetts, of course involves witchcraft and the supernatural. Phoenix Wright of Ace Attorney isn't occult himself nor, technically, a detective , but his assistant Maya is a spirit medium who channels her sister Mia.

In the second and third games he also carries a Magatama, a device that lets him see the 'locks' around people's hearts when they keep secrets. Despite being a defense counsel, he frequently goes to crime scenes and investigates on his own to bolster his case, since the actual detectives are on the prosecution's payroll and usually not helpful. They mainly give a glimpse of how dangerous and terrifying Gensokyo is from the view of a muggle.

Hawke from Dragon Age II , due to Kirkwall being a hotspot for demonic possession, blood magic and all manner of the arcane. Hawke : Someday I'd like to go one week without meeting an insane mage In The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob!

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Jerry despises the situation and pines for the days when he was a "real cop", and not stuck investigating Fish People reports in Innsmouth and similar such nonsense. Hanna Is Not a Boy's Name centers on the cases of the eponymous Hanna, paranormal investigator, and his new, somewhat decomposed, partner.


These cases do not always turn out well. In the Flare webcomic, Lady Arcane's aunt wants to start an occult detective agency. In the Spare Keys for Strange Doors universe, these are called "specialists". In The Weave , Ruby and Howard are sent to investigate a murder, which seems rather mundane Web Original. No real mystic power to speak of, though he has a strange way of being able to affect mystic creatures with mundane attacks when such actions are needed.

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He got into occult investigations because of an encounter with a truly horrific demon when he was a child. He is known in the mystic community as a knowledgeable scholar of the occult, and as an effective exorcist and monster-fighter, to the point that most supernatural "monsters" fear to encounter him when they wouldn't otherwise fear a high-powered superhuman.

Nicholas Chandler, age 14, is perhaps the only "monster slayer" more feared than Charles Carr.