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Give Me the Chance to Fall Make Me Pretty You're So Alone Two Boys in Love Heat Trust Your Love Brother How Hard to Speak The Three Most Important Girls Telling You is Something Bless This Heart Anthem for Self-Confidence Apart from it being the most widely licensed Gentleman Reg song, appearing on Television and in Films, Reg went on to perform this song during Broken Social Scene sets all over North America. At their insistence of course. Around the time of the release for this album, Reg became a member of the Hidden Cameras.

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Album co-produced by Andy Magoffin and the Gentleman Reg band. Reg, Simon, Nathan. Recorded at the House of Miracles by Andy Magoffin. All songs mixed by Andy Magoffin. Mastered by Fedge at Reaction. Cover art by Kit Malo.

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Layout, design and interior photo by Tyler Clark Burke. Tags alternative indie rock melodramatic popular song singer-songwriter Toronto. New album Leisure Life The Album ! Gentleman Reg recommends:. Gentleman Reg go to album.

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Think rather that you should be paying a fucking editor the money your publisher would have. Rather defeats the object. That all being said, there is something to like in this book. The other main problem is the pacing; putting aside all other issues, if this had been the type of polished self-publication—as say, The Painting was—I would still have problems with the execution.

Wallace, for me, was a thoroughly objectionable, spoilt brat who wants everything his own way, and everyone to agree with his own opinions.

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The major conflict, when it happens is not unexpected, but is actually well-handled. Wallace proves himself to be the git I took him to be all along which was gratifying, at least. I think what the author was aiming for was a gradual escalation of the plotline as after the middle of the book things start to kick off, but the beginning needs to have some acceleration rather than pages of walking around painting and or looking at things.

I would advise the author to get it very carefully proofed by someone who knows how to punctuate, at the very least. A neatly edited version of this would have earned a 3.

Let these blind puppies die of neglect. Send the author a private message saying why. I have a friend who self-published a really hot spy-adventure using amazon whatever.

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Despite my interest I had to quit reading it because he simply did not use quote marks for speech. Within grafs even. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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